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Monday, September 30, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Philippians

Letter from Paul to the Philippians.
Thankfulness in Christ, even in prison.
ch.1 - verse 21 - For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
Heaven is a much better place than earth, a place without pain and sickness. What we lose in life, we will gain in heaven. Our purpose on earth is to live as a light of hope in darkness. Even in our death, we can glorify Christ.
CYB 9-30-2019

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Colossians

Paul speak to the Colossians ch.3 - the Christian life instruction verse 18-25 - Christian family instructions
CYB 9-29-2019

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Hebrews

Paul speak to the Hebrews ch.11 - speaks about faith, different situations and people in the bible who had faith
verse 6 -But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him
CYB 9-28-2019

Friday, September 27, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Job

ch.1 - Job was a good servant of GOD with many rich possessions ch.2 - Satan requested to GOD twice, that Job would not stay faithful if he took away his possessions. GOD allowed his possessions to be taken away, and his sons died. ch.3 - 9 - however Job kept his faith in GOD, he conversed back and forth with friends who were telling him, he should lose his faith ch.21 - Job disagrees with his friends ch.22 - 30 - yet Job keep his faith ch.31 - Job stop speaking ch.32 - 37 - Job friends speak ch.38 - the LORD speaks ch.41 - 42 - LORD spoke about his anger with the friends, how they were wrong, and Job fortunes was restored and multiplied, Job died 145 years old
CYB 9-27-2019

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Ezekiel ch.23-40

ch.23 - two adulterous women sisters, prostitution ch.32 - king of Egypt Pharaoh is going under because of sins, LORD told Ezekiel ch.33 - The LORD explains who shall live, who shall die ch.37 - GOD commanded Ezekiel to speak to the bones, then flesh wrapped around the bones and turned into people ch.38 - warning to Gog ch.40 - The building of the temple
CYB 9-26-2019

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Ezekiel ch.1-18

(The LORD spoke to Ezekiel to speak to Israel about their sins) ch.1 - Ezekiel vision, description of a four face, four wing creature ch.2 - rebellious Israel ch.3 Israel's warning ch.8 Ezekiel had a vision, GOD showed him Israel sins ch.9 - GOD sent a man to slay Israel ch.10 - Ezekiel saw a four face creature ch.18 - GOD explains about sinners and non-sinner, who lives and who dies
CYB 9-25-2019

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Isaiah ch.37-59

37 - Hezekiah prayed, GOD killed Sennacherib's camp 5000 38 - Hezekiah on death bed, prayed to GOD, about his obedience, GOD granted him 15 more years to live ch.40 - comfort for GOD's people ch.41 - GOD will help Israel ch.42 - mission of GOD's servant, nations sin and punishment ch.43 - GOD redeem his people ch.44 - GOD blessed nation, judgment for idols ch.47 - Judgment against Babylon ch.49 - servant's call ch.50 - GOD and Israel ch.51 - LORD will deliver his people ch.52 - GOD will restore Jerusalem ch.54 - blessing thru the servant, GOD will protect his people, even the widow ch.55 - eat for free without money, heaven is higher than the earth ch.56 - LORD said, live righteously, don't live like them ch.57 - the wicked beware ch.59 - the sinful

Monday, September 23, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Isaiah ch.1-36

LORD's anger against people and cities
ch.1 - Israel's rebellion ch.2 - GOD's kingdom to triumph ch.3 - Judgement of the LORD ch.6 - he saw LORD sitting upon a throne, seraphims each had 6 wings that fly, one turn his lips from unclean to clean ch.9 - LORD's anger against Israel ch.10 - Assyria to be destroyed, a remnant of Israel to be saved ch.12 - prayer to GOD ch.13 - GOD's anger for Babylon ch.15 - Moab's devastation ch.19 - LORD's anger against Egypt ch.22 - Jerusalem burden ch.24 - Judgement for universal sin ch.25 - praise the LORD ch.26 - rejoicing in Judah ch.27 - Israel to be delivered ch.28 - Woe to Ephraim ch.29 - Doom to Jerusalem ch.30 - Rebellious Judah crushed ch.32 - Israel deliverance ch.33 - distress of Judah ch.34 - Judgement on nations ch.35 - return to Zion ch.36 - Sennacherib says his GOD can't defeat him
CYB 9-23-2019

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Genesis ch.38-50

ch.38 - LORD killed 2 of Judah's sons because they were wicked ch.39 - king wife pursued Joseph, but he refused her, so she set him up and got him thrown in prison ch.40 - Joseph interpreted dreams in prison ch.41 - Joseph was released from prison to interpret Pharaoh's dream and became superior over the land of Egypt ch.42 - Journey to get corn, it was famine in the land 7 years ch.43 - 45 - Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers that sold him to the Egyptians, he forgave them, his father Jacob was pleased to know he was alive ch.49 - Jacob's last speech to his son's, then died ch.50 - Jacob was buried, Joseph his son died, story continue thru Exodus
CYB 9-22-2019

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Genesis ch.21-37

ch.21 - Sarah conceived at old age ch.22 - LORD tested Abraham to sacrifice his son ch.23 - Sarah died ch.24 - Abraham ordered a wife for his son Issac ch.25 - Abraham remarried and had children ch.26 - Issac wife was pretty, he told people she was his sister ch.27 - Abraham's son Issac and his 2 son's have conflict ch.29-30 - Jacob had babies by many different wives competing against each other ch.32 - Jacob feared his son Esau would kill him, Jacob claimed to have seen GOD face to face after being blessed ch.33 - Jacob and Esau made peace ch.34 - Jacob son's tricked the people who wanted to marry their sister, and killed them, Jacob was displeased ch.35 - LORD changed Jacob name to Israel , he died ch.36 - Esau had many wives ch.37 - Joseph's brothers hated him and conspired against him

Friday, September 20, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Genesis ch.1-20

ch.1 - the creation ch.2 - Adam and Eve ch.3 - the fall of man ch.4 - Cain and Abel ch.5 - they lived 815 years ch.6 - flood, GOD was displeased with man ch.7 - Noah and the ark ch.11 - the LORD scattered man around the earth to speak different languages ch.12 - the LORD bless Abram ch.14 - wars of the kings ch.15 - LORD said, fear not Abram, I am thy shield ch.16 - Abram wife could not have child, Abram had child by maid, LORD blessed Abram wife with child at 80 years old ch.17 - LORD called Abram to Abraham ch.18 - Abraham pleads with the LORD not to destroy Sodom ch.19 - daughter tried to sleep with her father ch.20 - Abraham told people his wife was his sister
CYB 9-20-2019

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Samuel 2 ch.9-24

ch.9 - David blessed Jonathan's son that was lame on his feet and others pertaining to Saul and Jonathan's household ch.11 - David (sinned) took someones's wife and killed her husband ch.12 - LORD was upset and killed David's son conceived by the lady ch.13 - Ammon forced himself on his sister, his brother killed him 2 years later when he found out ch.14-15 - David and his son that killed his brother dispute ch.16-17 - people from Saul crew, out to kill David ch.18 - Absalom died in battle ch.20 - David's men went after Sheba, son of Bichri, he was killed ch.21 - there was famine in the land for years because of Saul killing Gibeonites, David inquired of the LORD, David tried to make right with Gibeonites , David asked Gibeonites to make any request, they asked to kill 7 of Saul's people and hang them, David did so, David fought the Philistines over Saul and Jonathan bones ch.22 - David sung to the LORD, to deliver him from his enemies and Saul ch.23 - David soldiers killed 800 men at one time ch.24 - David sinned, then repented, the LORD gave him 3 options to choose his punishment, LORD anger against Israel
CYB 9-19-2019

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Samuel 2 ch.1-8

ch.1 - David weep over Saul and Jonathan death ch.2 - David king in Hebron over house of Judah, Abner anointed Saul's son Ishbosheth as king, began to war ch.3 - David make friends with Abner, Joab kills Abner ch.4 - Ishbosheth was killed, David was not pleased (Same as when Saul died) ch.5 - David began king over Israel, David killed the Philistines ch.6 - GOD killed Uzzah for mistreating the Ark of GOD ch.8 - David killed his enemies
CYB 9-18-2019

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Samuel 1 ch.25-31

ch.25 - Samuel died ch.26 - David spares Saul life again ch.27 - David live with Philistines ch.28 - war between Israel and Philistines, GOD didn't answer Saul thru dream or messenger, Samuel in spirit spoke to Saul, that he sinned, Saul was afraid ch.29 - Philistines dismiss David ch.30 - David and his men wives were taken captive, land was destroyed, David prayed to GOD, then killed the army, and recovered everything, wives and all ch.31 - Saul and Johnathan die by Philistines, Saul killed himself with sword before they killed him
CYB 9-17-2019

Monday, September 16, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Samuel 1 ch.15-24

ch.15 - Saul rejected as king, he disobeyed GOD command, obeying the word of the LORD is more important than sacrificing good rams ch.16 - David chosen to be king, GOD looks on the inside at ones heart, people look on the outside appearance ch.17 - young David slew Philistines with a stone and sling shot ch.18 - Saul hatred for David ch.19 - Saul out to kill David, David fled ch.20 - Saul on a hunt for David, Jonathan trying to protect David ch.20-23 - David get help from priest, Saul kills the priest ch.24 - David spare Saul's life, Saul finally realized he was wrong
CYB 9-16-2019

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Samuel 1 ch.7-ch.14

ch.7 - Samuel prayed to GOD for Israel, Israel then defeat Philistines after getting rid of their false Gods ch.8 - Israel demands a king, Samuel sons was Judges over Israel, but did not follow the steps of Samuel ch.9 - GOD told Samuel to anoint Saul over Israel ch.10 - Saul becomes king appointed by Samuel ch.12 - Samuel spoke to the people of Israel about coming back to GOD ch.13 - Samuel corrects Saul ch.14 - Jonathan attacks Philistines and won without Saul, just him and one other, Jonathan breaks Saul's oath, wars against other nations
CYB 9-15-2019

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Samuel 1 ch.1-ch.6

ch.1 - Elkanah had 2 wives, one wife could not have babies, she prayed, the LORD gave her children ch.2 - Hanna praised the LORD, thankful for her child, Eli sons didn't know the LORD ch.3 -  the LORD was calling Samuel's name, Samuel thought Eli was calling him, the LORD spoke to Samuel, Samuel become a prophet unto the LORD ch.4 - Israel defeated by Philistines ch.5 - Philistines steals GOD's Ark from Israel, Philistines statue falls face down to the ground, their people died ch.6 - Philistines return the Ark
CYB 9-14-2019

Friday, September 13, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Chronicles 2 ch.27-36

ch.27 - king Jotham did good in the sight of the LORD, he died his son Ahaz took over ch.28 - king Ahaz did evil and made idols, burnt his children in fire, so GOD delivered him in enemy hand, he died, his son Hezekiah took over ch.29 - Hezekiah rebuilt GOD house, offering animals to the alter, sprinkled their blood ch.30 - Hezekiah continued GOD's work ch.31-32 - king Sennacherib, non-believer came up against him, Hezekiah kept faith and prayed, LORD delivered him over Sennacherib, Hezekiah died, his son Manasseh took over ch.33 - Manasseh king did evil, GOD was angry, had him captured, then he humbled himself and prayed for forgiveness, GOD saved him, he became to fix the wrong he done, he died his son Amon took over, Amon did evil, his servants killed him, his son Josiah took over ch.34 - Josiah king did good in the sight of the LORD ch.35 - Josiah king died ch.36 - Jehoahaz his son took over, more kings came and went doing evil, Cyrus king of Persia was moved by the LORD
CYB 9-13-2019

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Chronicles 2 ch.20-26

ch.20 - others much greater army than Jehoshaphat came up against him to battle, king Jehoshaphat prayed to GOD, GOD said, he will fight the battle and told them to go to the battlefield and just stand there, they did and GOD destroyed the army while they were standing there, they prayed and worshiped the LORD ch.21 - Jehoshaphat died, Jehoram his son took over, he did evil in the sight of the LORD, he killed his brothers, so the LORD gave him disease and he died ch.22 - Ahaziah his son took over, but did evil in the sight of GOD, he died, his mother Athaliah took over ch.23 - the priest had Athaliah killed with the sword for yelling treason in the house of the LORD ch.24 - Joash was 7 when he became king, he did good in the sight of the LORD, later he had 2 wives, Athaliah, wicked women, turned Israel to false idols, Joash did wrong and was killed, Amaziah his son took over ch.25 - king Amaziah did right in the sight of the LORD, but not with a perfect heart ch.26 - Uzziah Amaziah son took over, he did right in the sight of the LORD, but then sinned against the LORD, LORD gave him disease, he died, Jotham his son took over
CYB 9-12-2019

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Chronicles 2 ch.11-18

ch.11 - king Rehoboam obeyed the LORD and didn't war against Israel, he had 18 wives ch.12 - king Rehoboam regained his kingdom, but didn't obey the LORD, but they humbled themselves, so the LORD decided not to destroy them, but just became a servant of Shishak king of Egypt, they came and took all the treasures, because Rehoboam heart didn't seek the LORD, it wasn't written in the book, he died Abijah his son took over ch.13 - king Abijah wared against Israel, but because he relied on GOD for strength, GOD allowed Abijah to slay Israel, and acts of Abijah were written it the book ch.14 - Abijah died, Asa his son took over, he did good in the sight of the LORD, so GOD gave him the power to destroy the Ethiopians ch.15 - GOD sent Oded to talk to Asa to reclaim Israel, that had false GODs ch.16 - Asa disobeyed GOD, so grew old with foot disease and died ch.17 - Jehoshaphat his son took over, did good in the sight of the LORD, he was blessed abundantly, he sent people out to teach the word of GOD ch.18 - Jehoshaphat was asked to go to war with another king, he seek to ask GOD's opinion first
CYB 9-11-2019

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Chronicles 2 ch.1-10

ch.1 - GOD was pleased with Solomon, David's son, new king of Israel following his father David to build a house for the LORD, so GOD told Solomon, he can have anything he wanted, Solomon chose to have knowledge, GOD was pleased that he didn't ask for riches or material items, so he blessed him with riches and knowledge and material items anyway (extra blessings) ch.2 - the building of GOD's house ch.5 - Solomon prayer to the LORD about forgiving the sinner ch.7 - GOD fill his house with fire after Solomon prayer, GOD answered prayer and agreed to forgive sinners if they repent ch.8 - Solomon continued to build and perfect the house of the LORD ch.9 - Solomon became highest king with riches, everyone brought him gold and silver for GOD house, woman from another land noticed his wisdom and power, Solomon died, Rehoboam his son took over ch.10 - people of Israel rebelled against Rehoboam because he would not alter the ways of king David
CYB 9-10-2019

Monday, September 9, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Chronicles 1 ch.21-29

ch.21 - satan provoked David to sin to number Israel, but Joab knew this wasn't the LORD's doing and fled, GOD was displeased and killed Israel, then David repented, LORD gave David 3 choices of punishment, David chose to be punished by the angel of the LORD and not by man, so angel with sword slew Israel, and David pleaded to take the punishment out on him and not Israel, so GOD told David to build an alter ch.22 - David told Solomon his son to build the LORD's house, David made Solomon king when he died ch.29 - David died full of riches and honor, Solomon his son took his place as king over Israel
CYB 9-9-2019

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Talking VS Communicating in Marriage

My pastor had a marriage night at church yesterday, and spoke to the couples about 'fail proofing' their marriage. One of the topics discussed was about the difference between talking and communicating, which is listening with your heart instead of your head. Listening to your spouse with your head is considered talking. Listening to your spouse with your heart is communicating. CYB 9-7-2019

Friday, September 6, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Chronicles 1 ch.16-20

ch.16 - David given thanks to GOD ch.17 - GOD spoke to Nathan the prophet to tell David not to build a house for him ch.18 - David slayed thousands, the LORD supported him ch.19 - David sent people to morn the lost of Ammon another king, Ammon son did not like it and decided to go to war, David slayed their army ch.20 - king David slayed a giant, 6 toes each, 6 fingers each, war with Philistines again
CYB 9-6-2019

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Chronicles 1 ch.1-15

ch.1 - ch.4 - 'begats' family ancestors ch.5 - sons of Reuben the first born of Israel, GOD heard their cry and assisted them in war because they put their trust in him ch.6 - suburbs, land given by Israel ch.10 - Philistines fought against Israel and killed Saul and his men, Saul sinned against the LORD ch.11 - David became king over Israel, David had 3 mighty men as his guards, who slew many including Philistines ch.12 - many mighty men prepared for war to make David king over Israel ch.13 - GOD killed a man for touching the ark during David gathering with Israel, David was afraid so he moved ark to different location, David was said to have wives ch.14 - David asked GOD, will he kill the Philistines who seek him, GOD said yes and directions on how to do it ch.15 - David prepared ark of GOD for Levites, they celebrated with music and dancing, Michal daughter of Saul despised David in her heart
CYB 9-5-2019

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Kings 2 ch.18-25

ch.18 - Hezekiah did right in the sight of the LORD ch.19 - LORD killed Hezekiah enemies that wanted to war against Israel ch.20 - Hezekiah was sick, he prayed to live, LORD granted him 15 years, He didn't have faith, then he died ch.21 - Manasseh did evil in the sight of the LORD and his son Amon ch.22 - Josiah did right in the sight of the LORD ch.23 - Josiah destroyed all false idols images in high places, and cast them out the house of the LORD CH.24 - about Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, king Jehoiachin and Zedekiah, kings of Judah did evil in the sight of the LORD ch.25 - Jerusalem destroyed
CYB 9-4-2019

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Kings 2 ch.1-17

ch.1 - the king disobeyed GOD and died, after being warned by GOD's messenger and many of his men ch.2 - Elijah, man of GOD went to heaven ch.3 - another battle with kings, GOD allowed his chosen kings to victory ch.4 - man of GOD prophet Elisha brought a lady son back to life ch.6 - famine in Samaria people were eating each other ch.9 - war, king killed 2 kings ch.10 - sinners in cities were slain, GOD approved ch.15 - many kings came and died, most did evil in the sight of the LORD ch.17 - Israel sinned against the LORD
CYB 9-3-2019

Monday, September 2, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Kings 1 ch.17-22

ch.17. Elijah did as the LORD commanded, he asked the LORD to heal woman's son back to life, the LORD did ch.18 - Elijah convinced people of Israel their GOD Baal was not real, GOD was real with thunder and lightning ch.19 - Elijah was afraid he will die, LORD gave him commands, food, and drink ch.20 - war against Israel and Benhadad ch.21 - LORD punished Ahab for his evil doings, LORD held back a little, because Ahab humbled himself when the LORD Spoke ch.22 - Syria and Israel didn't war for 3 years
CYB 9-2-2019

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Bible Personal Study Notes Kings 1 ch.9-16

ch.10 - Solomon wisdom was tested, he passed with flying colors ch.11 - Solomon sinned by loving strange women, idolizing other GOD's, GOD was upset, Solomon died buried in City of David, his son Rehoboam became king, GOD stopped a war ch.13 - man of GOD disobeyed GOD, GOD killed him, a lion ate him, the guy was tricked into disobeying GOD ch.14 - the kings died, the war still happened, Abijam son became king of Judah, Jeroboam sinned and Israel, GOD was upset ch.15 - king Jeroboam was not perfect with the LORD, Asa's was perfect with the LORD, king Asa died, buried in the city of David ch.16 - many kings after David sinned, pass down leadership to their sons, brought GOD to anger
CYB 9-1-2019